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Facebook Lists for Business Owners

July 17, 2012

When I acted as a Social Media Consultant for a small, local restaurant in Chico, CA I faced some interesting challenges. Chico has a pretty mixed demographic, but about ¼ of the population are college students. The restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Chico.  Its main selling points were quality food and a large bar. In the beginning it was difficult to target specific sets of customers, because the target audience was very diverse. There are a lot of college students, but at the same time there was a local business crowd during lunch time, families, and a late-night dining crowd.

After DSM Solutions had developed their Facebook and Twitter accounts, we had to post content. More importantly, we had to post content that was relevant to college students, business personnel, and late night foodies. We didn’t want 10 posts a day that related to the college scene (drink specials anyone?) – it would like have pushed the business crowd away, and I didn’t want to bore the college students with offers of conference rooms and presentation lunches.

After a month of analysis and measurements, we created “lists” for the three demographics. We developed a list for the college kids, the business personnel, and the late-night crowd. Then, when we post content regarding cheap drinks and happy-hour specials, we only allow our list of college students to view the content. Alternatively, when we post lunch specials, promotions that are specific to the business crowd, we only allow the business list to view the content. This helps your business zero in on specific segments of your audience, and reduces the amount of “spam” received by the audience(s) that is not being targeted.

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