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All about Klout

July 19, 2012

All information below is information provided on the Klout website:

Your Klout Score measures your online influence on a scale of 1 to 100

People have always had the power to influence others, and that power is being democratized with new social media tools. Klout’s mission is to provide insights into everyone’s influence.

We measure your influence based on your ability to drive action in social networks. We process this data on a daily basis to give you an updated Klout Score each morning.

Here are a few of the actions we use to measure influence:

  • Twitter: Retweets and Mentions
  • Facebook: Comments, Wall-Posts, Likes
  • LinkedIn: Comments, Likes
  • Foursquare: Tips, To-Do’s, Done
  • Google+: Comments, Reshares, +1

Other networks that we’re working to measure are Facebook PagesYoutubeInstagram, and Flickr. You can already link these accounts with your Klout profile, and we look forward to incorporating your activity from these networks to our score soon.

Did You Know?

The average Klout Score is actually 20, not 50. As your Score increases, it becomes exponentially harder to increase your Klout. That’s why you see so many 20s and not as many 90s!

Klout Core Concepts

Now that you know what information goes into Klout, here are the principles that guide the Klout Score:

  • Influence is the ability to drive action

It’s great to have lots of connections but what really matters is how people engage with the content you create. We believe it’s better to have a small and engaged audience than a large network that doesn’t act upon your content.

  • Connecting networks can only help your Score

We want to help you understand your influence wherever it may exist. We also understand given the number of different networks out there that it is nearly impossible for any person to be consistently effective across every network. Adding more networks helps us more accurately measure your influence and can only increase your Score.

  • Everyone has Klout

You are never penalized for connecting or engaging with someone with a low Klout score.In fact, you are helping build their Klout Score. The more influential you are the greater impact you have. All engagement positively contributes to your Score.

  • Influence is built over time

In most instances, your influence should not radically change from one day to the next. The Klout Score is based on a rolling 90-day window, with recent activity being weighted more than older activity. So being inactive over the weekend or taking short break won’t have a major impact on your Score, but if you’re inactive for longer periods your Score will decrease gradually.

  • Being active is different than being influential

Retweets, Likes, comments and other interactions on the social web are all signals of influence. However, just looking at the count of these actions does not tell the whole story of a person’s influence. It’s important to look at how much content a person creates compared to the amount of engagement they generate.

  • Klout is constantly evolving

The social web is changing every day and the Klout Score will continue to evolve and improve. The best strategy for obtaining a high Klout Score is to simply create great content that your network wants to share and engage with.

Did You Know?

Klout calculates billions of data points across over 100 million influencers every day.

Topics fill out the picture and are based on your interactions

While the Klout Score is useful for ranking overall influence, we also strongly believe you’re more than just a number. Whether you’re a musician, an engineer, or the President of the United States, everyone is special in areas that can’t always be boiled down to a single number, and Klout wants to recognize you for that.

Along with your Score, Klout finds your most influential topics based on the engagement you receive from others. You can see these in your topics section.

Getting Topics on your profile

Topics can be added to your profile in two ways:

  • Klout analyzes the content you produce on social networks and your audience’s responses in order to assign you topics automatically.
  • While we process billions of pieces of content every day to generate topics, Klout users can also suggest topics for themselves and friends. Use the “Add Topic” button on any person’s profile to give them another topic.

Recognize your peers:

You may notice orange +K buttons across the site. Giving someone a +K is a great way to acknowledge that someone has influenced you. For example, giving your friend a +K in food after a stellar restaurant recommendation is a great way to explicitly signal their influence.

Giving +K is easy: just visit someone’s topics section and click on the orange +K button next to the topic. Your network will be sure to reciprocate when you start giving out your +Ks!

Did You Know?

Klout users give each other over 50 thousand +Ks every day. Giving +K to your network is a powerful signal to show how they influence you.

Discover top influencers

For some of the most popular topics, Klout has created topic pages. For example, on the Music topic page, you will find people who are noted as Top Influencers and Top +K recipients.

Top influencers are people that we have found to be the most influential based on their content. Top +K recipients shows the people who have received the most +Ks in a certain topic in the past 90 days.

If you are on a topic page leaderboard, you will receive a sash on your score!

Top influencers detected by Klout receive a gold sash.

Top +K recipients receive a blue sash.

People who are top +K recipients and top influencers receive a blue and gold sash.

Klout and your data

Privacy is central to what we do and enters into every decision we make here at Klout.

In the same way Google analyzes public websites to generate PageRank, Klout analyzes publicly-available data to measure a person’s influence.

It’s why we respect the privacy settings of all the networks we measure and do not analyze private accounts unless given explicit permission to do so.

It’s why we enable anyone, even those with public data, to opt-out of being measured by Klout.

It’s why we have no interest in understanding the influence of minors.

And it’s why we’ll continue to work with our network partners, and build our own safeguards, to ensure the strictest of compliance with all privacy policies and regulations.

Did you know that most of the posts, videos, pictures and other data you create and share on the social web are available for the world to see? From Google to ad networks, thousands of companies track this data and use it for purposes ranging from providing better search results to targeting you with advertising.

Klout uses your content only to help you understand and benefit from your influence. We also want to help you understand how your data is used across the web.

If you are uncomfortable with your data being publicly available, we recommend that you set your various social media accounts to private. For most networks, having a private account will limit your data to only those you give access to.

Privacy by Network

Klout measures online influence based on public data; we measure private data only when we are explicitly given access from you, the user. We will never publicly share or display your private updates.

You can ALWAYS

  • Control information that’s displayed on your profile, such as topics and influencers.
  • Choose which networks Klout can access.
  • Choose to opt-out at any time.

Klout will NEVER

  • Give any personally identifiable data to any third party without your explicit permission.
  • Access any private data without your explicit permission.
  • Access your private communications such as Facebook messages or Twitter DMs.

Klout values your privacy and works with all network partners to ensure the strictest of compliance regarding how your data is used.

Your data and perks

Your Klout can earn you Perks: exclusive products and experiences from brands. Throughout the Perks process, the power is always in your hands. No matter what, brands do not get access to your private data.

The perk process

  • Perks Selection. Because Klout does not collect or use your private network data, brands cannot target based on your private data. They simply set high-level requirements for the Perk (e.g. technology influencers with a Score above 30), and you decide if you wish to participate in a Perk or not.
  • Participating in a Perk. Even when you choose to participate in a Perk, the only information they see is the public posts you choose to make about their brand. If a Perk ever requires more information, we will explicitly let you know what information is needed before you decide to participate.
  • Receiving a Perk. Klout will ship items to you directly if a Perk involves a deliverable good.Your address and contact information is not, and will never be, shared with any brands or Perk sponsors. For Perk events, the brand is only given your name so that they can let you in at the door. Any other information will only be provided after your personal explicit consent.

Code of ethics

  • Klout will never sell or give away your contact info.
  • Participating (or not participating) will not change your Klout Score.
  • You are receiving the Perk because you are influential and have authority on topics related to the Perk. You are welcome to tell the world you love the Perk, you dislike the Perk or say nothing at all.
  • If you decide to talk about the Perk, we will ask you to disclose that you received a sample (
  • You must be 18 or older to qualify for Perks. Make sure your age is up-to-date in your profile.

Understand and improve your online influence

Klout provides powerful analysis and tools to help you more clearly understand your own influence, your network’s influence, and the topical interests that make each of us special. Using Klout, you can improve your use of social media and better reach your network.

  • Benchmark your success. Your Klout Score updates daily and your dashboard gives you insights as to why your Score has changed.
  • Learn about your influence network. On your Klout profile you can see who you’re influencing by your content and who influences you.

Unlock your Influence

You’re influential and we believe that should be rewarded.

  • Earn Klout Perks. Klout Perks are exclusive products or experiences that you earn based on your influence. Influencers have earned sweet perks like phones and airline tickets, all because of their impact online. You can always find out Perks you qualify for on the Perks page!

Did You Know?

Klout has run Perks with over 100 companies and Perks have been claimed over 300,000 times.

  • Your VIP Pass to the World. Klout helps companies reward you for your influence. For instance, your Score or topics could get you exclusive sneak peeks, service upgrades, and free goods to try out.
  • Be discovered in the topics you care about. Become a top influencer on our Topic pages and improve your online reputation.

This is just the beginning of what Klout can offer you. We will continue to improve in our goal to help you understand and unlock your influence.SIGN UP FOR KLOUT



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