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Tools to help you with Pinterest

July 24, 2012

Tools to help you with Pinterest


PinReach, LLC (Formerly PinClout) is a fresh new startup created by Chris Fay (Chris Fay Consulting, LLC) and Daniel Schimpfoessl (PureField, LLC), focusing on bringing insight and analytics to Pinterest. We both felt that beneath the fun of Pinterest lay a powerful platform, one that if leveraged well could prove quite the upper hand for people and brands. We set off to create a new service offering valued insight into the activity on the site, launching initially with the PinReach score, a numeric representation of a member’s Pinterest influence based on a series of social attributes.

Since our launch in February 2012, PinReach has been featured in numerous online articles, blogs, and various writeups. We’ve gathered substantial feedback from users and brands and are working to enhance our platform to be the best resource around for Pinterest influence metrics and analytics. Looking forward, we’re working hard to become the go-to platform brands leverage to measure the success of their Pinterest presence and to create meaningful, brand loyal connections. For the every day Pinterest user, we aim to provide a simple & fun platform to find new people and content, and to understand influence.


Pinpuff is a free-to-use tool, aiming to accurately measure Pinterest user’s influence, reach and virality on Pinterest, assign a Pinfluence score and monetary values of their pins.

We aim to help Pinterest users to keep a track of their Pinning activities on daily basis and suggest them possible tips/measures to get maximum out of Pinterest.
For businesses, our aim is to provide an easy to use platform which can be used to create, manage and analyze their Pinterest related promotions/marketing activities and seamlessly engage Pinfluencers.

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