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Businesses ignoring their customers – Customers ignoring the businesses

July 30, 2012

The best part about Facebook is also the worst part.

The best part: Being able to directly connect with your customers, and being able to post ads and promotions right in your customers faces.

The worst part: Users are not responsible. The average user “likes” an average of 100-150 pages. Have you ever seen a news feed? Look at the one below:

Customers ignoring the businesses


You are competing with screen space. Every time your page posts something, there are 99 other pages who may be posting something. There are many things you can do to be more prevalent, but let’s start slow. Here are a few things you can do to void being ignore by your followers:

Avoiding being ignored:

  1. Constantly generate new content
  2. Avoid re-posting
  3. Diversify your content (images, videos, text, sound bytes, etc)
  4. Avoid generic posts
  5. Ask questions
  6. Be relative to your followers. Don’t post news about opera when you are trying to selling more skateboards.

Businesses ignoring their customers

Customer service queries and comments on Facebook are being ignored by businesses! A new report by STELLAService, which rates the customer service of retail websites highlights how they recently posted general service questions on 20 top retailers’ Facebook pages to test how they conduct customer service on the social network.

Five of them failed to answer a customer question on their Facebook wall within two days, and even fewer replied to inquiries asked as comments on their posts.Seven of them actually deleted the question from their wall erasing any record of the customer enquiry!

Whether it’s on-line or off-line, ‘Being easy to deal with’ and ‘Dealing with disappointment’ are fundamental ingredients of customer focused businesses, and clearly some aren’t delivering in these areas.

OK, so Facebook might not be for you personally, but if it’s what your customers use, and you are ignoring them, then you could be in trouble – the big difference between ’social media’ customer comments is that everyone else can see that your doing so!

So, Face Up to it! Are you listening to your customers – online and offline?

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