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Facebook for Business

August 6, 2012

There are officially more people on Facebook than the entire population of America and 7%of the entire world is on Facebook.   When you consider that Internet World Stats claims that there are currently 1,966,514,816 active Internet Users around the world (based on its most recent data), our percentage jumps to 25% of those users being active on Facebook!

If Facebook were a country it would beat out the United States as the 3rd largest country. Can your company afford to ignore this audience.  We at Your Social Media Company think NOT!

“I have a facebook profile and now I can send out product updates and people will just get them.” That’s not really the way it works…

Think of your website as a destination. And in addition to search engines, Facebook is a tool to help your audience reach landing pages within your website. When used effectively, you can harness the power of personal connections to help promote your business and connect individuals with your brand’s Facebook Fan Page.

From a marketing and sales perspective, Facebook is a free and viable source for generating business leads, increasing customer satisfaction, and educating your audience about who you are and what you do. It helps reinforce your brand’s identity.

You’ve got Facebook fans! Now how do you turn them into paying customers? Mobilizing your friends and fans to action takes a strategy, especially since each social media platform has a nuanced and specific type of communication. Let us help you:

  • Create meaningful ads
  • Craft targeted messages
  • Initiate participation from your audience
  • Create campaigns
  • Develop personal connections with your fans

Our team is dedicated to creating a social media strategy that supports your marketing goals and helps create a community around your brand.

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