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A simple explanation of social media marketing

August 31, 2012

The idea behind social media marketing is creating conversations and encouraging your current and loyal customers to drive awareness that promotes your company.

After we have established the community, we can begin creating conversations for your followers to engage in. The average person has 100-200 friends. As people engage in activity via Facebook, it notifies their friends. For example, if someone signed up for a free give-away through Facebook, it would notify their friends that they signed up for that. Even if 1 of their 100-200 friends is interested and decides to follow your page, that is 1 more potential sale. And, that person also has 100-200 friends, and it continues to spread.

These networks should not be measured by amount of followers, but rather the quality of the followers. 10,000 followers won’t mean anything if none of them plan on making a purchase. When your page gets new followers, those followers will begin to see your updates and postings. A good average for a business page is to have 2-5 postings spread out during the day.

Throughout the day, these postings can offer advice, suggestions, tips, articles, news or anything that is interesting and relative to what your followers want to read. When we hit key points with these followers, they will engage in the content by commenting on it, sharing it, or “liking” it. All of these are broadcasted to their friends. This will create habits of your followers to begin seeking out your company’s advice while spreading the word of your company and its products. When your followers are ready to make a purchase, they are more likely to buy from you rather than seek out other options because you have been reminding them about your company every day they log into Facebook. Also, the content that is posted can convince a follower that a purchase is a good idea based on the information that you have presented to them. Other networks work in a similar matter, just slightly different.

Having optimized social networks helps your search rating, which means that your company is more likely to show up as a result when someone searches for the products that you offer. They are brought to your page instead of another option. Those who are searching are not always ready to buy, but interested enough to seek out more information. By being available and offering your expertise via informational content, you have a chance to convert that interested person into a sale. Not to mention, businesses can be rated and reviewed whether or not they are active within those networks. It is important to be active on those networks so that a search for your product doesn’t show them a result with a bad review. Instead, they will see a list of positive reviews and will be more likely to continue learning about your company and its products.

It is a domino effect, as more people make purchases and interact with your company page, it will broadcast their purchase and engagement or product review to their friends. These friends will see this information and will then opt into learning more about the product.

So, with your knowledge of the industry and your current customers, you would be working with me to present this information to your followers. You will be providing the content because you know the customer better than I do. It will be my responsibility to organize the content in an effective campaign using these networks and other analysis tools. Much of this in the beginning is trial and error, which is why I offer a free month. We have to poke and prod to find the things that these followers are going to be interested in. We may find out that 80% of your followers are more interested in Product A than they are with Product B. That means we need to begin providing more of our content directed towards Product A. Another example, we find that your followers are mostly people over 50+ years old. So, we adjust the content to more specifically target your majority followers. As time goes on, and metrics become less variable and more sustained, we can segment your followers into lists (or groups) and provide individual content to these separated groups rather than showing everyone the same content






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  1. I’m now not positive where you’re getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or figuring out more. Thanks for great information I used to be on the lookout for this info for my mission.

  2. Nice information! This is the fact that Social media plays a very important role in achieving goals in small business. It also helps to get more exposure and huge responses from potential customers.

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