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Facebook Pages: Bugs, Known Issues and Technical Troubleshooting

September 11, 2012

If you’re seeing a message that your Page is unavailable right now, this is a temporary result of site maintenance. Please try accessing it in a few hours, when it should be available again with all content restored. If the issue is not resolved after 24 hours, please submit a report.
Some people are experiencing an issue with content disappearing from their Pages for short periods of time. For example, a post or photo may disappear and not return until logging in again or refreshing the page. If you’re experiencing this issue,let the Pages team know.
When you visit your Page Insights, you should see data about how people have been using your Page. It takes about 2 days for today’s data to start showing up. If your Page’s insights aren’t loading correctly, let us know.
When you first create a Page, it can take several days for it to start appearing in Facebook’s search results. If you’re experiencing this issue and you created your Page over a week ago, please let us know.
You can only tag certain types of Pages in photos at this time. These include Pages most likely to appear in photos, such as brands, people and products. If a Page is eligible, you don’t need to like it in order to tag it in a photo.If you manage a Page that’s eligible to be tagged in photos but you’re currently unable to do so, let the Pages team know so we can try to fix what might be broken.

Ad Delivery

This issue may be related to your browser. To fix it, follow these directions to upgrade your browser.Alternatively, the issue may be caused by third-party extensions on your browser. Javascript-blocking software and Kaspersky or Norton Internet Security software can often interfere with your experience, even if you have these programs set to allow Facebook to load. Try disabling these extensions entirely before accessing the site again, or try using Facebook from a different browser to see if this resolves the problem.

You can only advertise Pages that have been published. Make sure that you’ve published your Page by checking in the general admin settings of your Page. To see your admin settings, click on the Edit Page button at the top right hand of your admin panel.Once your Page is published, try creating an ad again. When you click on the Destination box, you should see your Page listed.

Check the privacy settings of your group to see if it is Closed or Secret. You’re can’t advertise Closed or Secret groups because your target audience will include people who may not have access to the group you’re trying to promote. To advertise your group, change it’s settings to Open.
It’s possible that the ad wasn’t successfully created or that you experienced a temporary technical problem with the ad set up page. If you experience this, try recreating your ad.
You are not guaranteed any number of clicks or impressions. The best ad is selected to run based on the budget, the bid amount (if applicable) and ad performance. If you’re not receiving as many impressions as you would like, try to:

  • Increase your maximum cost per click or maximum CPM bid.
    Make sure that your bid is at least within the suggested bid range you see in the pricing section when you’re setting up your ad, or if you ad is already created, in your Ads Manager. If your bid is lower than this range, it is unlikely that your ad will receive many impressions.
  • Check your estimated audience reach.
    When you create your ad, you’ll see the estimated size of the audience you are eligible to reach on the right hand side of the page. It will change dynamically as you add different targeting options to your ad. If your potential audience is too small, try relaxing your targeting parameters.
  • Make sure your ad is relevant
    Target your ad to the most appropriate audience. Your ad will perform better and continue run successfully if it is displayed to people who are part of an audience that is likely to be interested in your product or service.
Our ad delivery system uses a pacing curve based on your budget to deliver your ad effectively throughout the day. If you create or reactivate an ad in the middle of the day, your delivery pacing will be faster than normal to ensure that your ad has a chance to deliver enough to reach your daily budget by the end of the day.
You might not see your ads on Facebook, even if you are a member of the target audience. This doesn’t mean your ad isn’t running, but that other ads may be more relevant to you. As long as you’re seeing impressions reported in your Ads Manager your ad is running and is being seen by people. To see what your ad looks like on Facebook, click View on Site under the preview of your ad in your Ads Manager.
If two ads or sponsored stories in your account are targeting the same audience, they will technically compete against each other to be shown. The total volume of Facebook ads and sponsored stories, and the number of impressions served on the site are both very large, so it’s extremely unlikely that your ads will compete in a way that drives up your own CPC or CPM prices.Facebook will deliver all ads and sponsored stories in the best way possible. If one ad or sponsored story begins to outperform the other by receiving more impressions or clicks, it’s likely that it will be shown more often to help increase the success of your campaign.

If one of your ads or sponsored stories is underperforming, experiment with creating a new version with a different image or text and targeting to see if it gets more clicks.

Over time, our system automatically learns to prefer the ads within your campaign that have performed the best for you, in order to help optimize the overall performance of your account. Typically, when one ad receives significantly more traffic than other ads, it means that one particular ad has outperformed the others within your account. If you would like to have your ads display more evenly, we recommend separating your ads into new campaigns.

Ads Manager

To switch between accounts, click the Account link at the top of your Ads Manager and select the account you’d like to view from the menu. Different accounts will be identified by the account number and currency.
When your ad is pending review, it’s waiting to be reviewed by Facebook. If your ad is approved, you’ll receive an email notification and your ad will start to run. If your ad isn’t approved, you’ll receive an email letting you know which Advertising Guidelines were violated. Both new and edited ads are subject to review.For more information on advertising policies including detailed examples, visit Ad Policy Examples and Explanations.

There is a delay in the data that you see in your Ads Manager. It’s likely that the information in your Ads Manager will change after you have paused your ads as the data continues to be updated.
If your ad is being automatically paused, it’s likely that your ad’s targeting does not match the country or age restrictions of the Page you’re advertising. When you set up your Page, you have the option to restrict it so that only people in a certain location or age range can see it. If you include ages or countries outside of these restrictions in your ad targeting, the system will pause the ad so that you are not advertising to people who can’t see your Page.To continue running your ad, you will need to either edit the Page’s country and/or age settings or edit the targeting of your ad.

To edit your Page’s settings:

  1. At the top of your Page, click Edit Page 
  2. Select Update Info

You can also edit an ad by clicking Edit Ad below the ad preview in your Ads Manager. This will take you to the ad set up page where you can make changes to your targeting. Your revised ad will be paused until it is reviewed by Facebook.

The suggested bid range in the create flow is based on the other advertisers who are competing to show ads to the same target audience as you. Once your ad has been running for awhile, the suggested bid range in the Ads Manager takes into account the other ads competing for the same target audience and your ad’s performance history.
Check to see if the campaign you put your new ad in is paused. If your campaign is paused, your new ad will also be paused until it has been reviewed. To turn on your ad, you must first turn on your campaign. To turn on the campaign:

  1. Click on the name of the campaign you’d like to activate in the left navigation bar of your Ads Manager
  2. In the box above your ad stats chart, click on the Edit link next to “Status: Paused”
  3. Select Active from the menu
  4. Click Save

You can then resume the ads within that campaign by clicking on each ad’s status individually.


Connections represents the number of people who have liked your Page, joined to your event or installed your app within 24 hours of seeing your ad or Sponsored Story. This means that a connection can be made without the person ever actually clicking on your ad.Measures are in place to ensure that you are billed accurately, including detection systems that may filter out some clicks and impressions before they ever appear in your charges or reports. Repetitive, incomplete or abusive clicks may be invalidated and the number of times any person can see or click on your ads in a day is capped. Traffic and click patterns across Facebook are monitored and you won’t be charged for clicks that appear to be generated by bots or other automated systems.

You may not see any data in your exported reports if not enough people have interacted with your ads, or if there is not enough variety among the people that have engaged with your ads. This measure is in place to protect the privacy of people on Facebook.


If you lower your budget significantly in the middle of the day, there’s a chance that you may be charged more than your new budget. This is because ad delivery is paced throughout the day based on the budget you’ve set, and higher budgets will deliver ads at a faster rate than lower budgets.

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