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Why should your law firm have a Linked In Business Page?

June 20, 2013

Last September LinkedIn offered redesigned company pages to a few select companies. After much anticipation, LinkedIn is now offering new company pages to the more than 2 million companies with LinkedIn Company Pages — including your law firm.

Here are a few tips to get your law firm’s Linked In Company Page looking good

Optimize Lawyer and Other Professional’s Profiles

Complete employee’s personal pages

 Option 1: Obtain employees Linked In credentials and permission to complete their profile

Option 2: Coach the employees on how to update and optimize their profiles

**Be sure to have them add your law firm as their employer


  • The company page will be linked to each individuals page which shows validity, credibility, and transparency
  • The lawyers and other professionals are an extension of the law firm
  • Employee’s such as lawyers and other professionals must portray a professional image online

Optimize your Business Page

  • Upload law firm’s logo and header image
  • Complete the ‘about’ section
  • Add ‘specialties’ and ‘company info’ fields.
    • Use appropriate keywords that are important to the law firm (keywords and key phrases that people will use to search for the law firm)


  • LinkedIn company pages have started to show up in Google searches
  • Establish credibility, validity and transparency
  • Be discovered with Linked In searches
  • A poor looking Linked In Page is like having a poor looking website. Potential customers will be turned away.

Post/publish Company Status Updates

Post daily status updates if possible. At least 3 times per week at the minimum.


  • This gives LinkedIn users a motive for following your page as well as a chance to engage with the firm, ultimately extending its reach
  • Option to target these posts by criteria such as company size, industry, seniority, geography etc
  • Enables LinkedIn to properly target others on LinkedIn who may be interested in following the firm

Add Services/Practice Areas

LinkedIn allows you to add up to 25 services to a firm’s profile. Be sure to add your firms areas of practice and add details to each service.


  • This is a great place to list the practice areas and include a description for each that highlights the specific firm’s expertise in each area
  • Add the employee contact for each particular practice area

How to get followers of your LinkedIn law firm page

Write a blog post

The best way to draw attention to a LinkedIn company page and increase its followers is to write a blog post about LinkedIn in that firm’s industry and include a link to your company page. The post is not just a follow my company post, but one that provides some value. It could be the 10 top groups in your industry or a how-to article about growing your business using LinkedIn.

Add a Widget to Your Website

LinkedIn provides an easy way to create a company profile widget that you can put on your website or blog.

Add Company Page Link to Your Email Signature

Email is still the preferred communication medium for most businesses, so don’t miss the opportunity to include a link to your LinkedIn company page at the end of each message. Encourage other employees to do the same.

Add Company Page Link to Your Group Post Signature

Rather than sign your Group messages with a link to your website, try a link to your company page instead. People in LinkedIn are more likely to view a page in LinkedIn than to leave to go look at your website.

Promote on other social media profiles

Promote your presence on one social media site on other social media sites. Tweet a link to your LinkedIn company page. Post it on Facebook too.


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